Extract Monday.com data using GraphQL API

Why take out data from Monday.com?

Monday.com is a new-age project management tool that helps with not only collaborating with teammates on the projects but much more. There are more than 1.5 Million customers worldwide using the software in different industries including Finance, Digital Media, Construction, etc. It is easy and efficient to work on the Monday.com website.

Goal: It is great software but if there is a need to work with raw data, data needs to be pulled from Monday.com API. This blog will discuss :

  1. The code on how to pull data using python?
  2. How to connect to PowerBI?
  3. Data problems or limitations.

There is documentation available on Monday.com here about how to connect your data with API to pull it outside of the platform. Below is a code that pulls board data

But the problem is on Monday.com one can see data as below:

Monday.com Example Board

API will fetch data as below:

Monday.com API Data

so, It is difficult to understand what data is saved where and how to retrieve it from API format. It becomes even more difficult – if you have many boards.
To make it a little easy, here is an illustration that makes understanding data through API easier and could make it quicker for third-party visualization tools.

API titles with Monday.com Board tiles